The latest release is Mulgara v2.1.13

After downloading Mulgara you may want to read the notes on the interfaces.

The sources for all previous releases are still available. Binaries are still available for the 2.1.x release series.


Binary Download

These released binaries are all that are required for most applications. They contain the server and client JAR files:

  • The server JAR:  mulgara-2.1.13.jar
  • The client JAR:  querylang-2.1.13.jar

Note: The querylang jar was peviously labeled itql.


Full Binary

The full binary release contains the standard JAR files, as well as the Mulgara Web ARchive (WAR file), and the Mulgara Core, Raw, Lite, Driver, and Descriptor libraries.

The binaries in these packages are described here.

  • mulgara-2.1.13.jar - Complete server-application.
  • mulgara-raw-2.1.13.jar - Same as mulgara-2.1.13.jar, without 3rd party libraries.
  • mulgara-core-2.1.13.jar - Server code for embedded applications. This is like mulgara-raw, but all unnecessary services are removed.
  • mulgara-lite-2.1.13.jar - Cut down version of mulgara-2.1.13.jar (this may soon disappear - please let us know if you use it)
  • querylang-2.1.13.jar - Client drivers and user query shell.
  • driver-2.1.13.jar - Client drivers, with no user shell.
  • mulgara-2.1.13.war - Web ARchive for deploying Mulgara in Java web server, like Tomcat. Includes all library dependencies.
  • mulgara-core-2.1.13.war - Web ARchive for deploying Mulgara in Java web server, like Tomcat. No libraries are included. These must be supplied by the class path of the hosting environment.
  • ideSupport.jar - Generated classes, only used by Eclipse.

Minimal Binary

This is a minimal binary for integration into systems that provide the majority of libraries already. Unlike the other binaries, it is currently distributed separately.


Source Download

The most recent development files may be accessed on Github. These may not be stable, and should only be accessed by people actively developing the code. See the included README.txt file for details on building the executables. The git command to get the latest is:

  git clone


MD5 Sums

The MD5 sums of all the above files are:


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