Further information about Mulgara can be found in the following blogs:

Working Notes by Paula Gearon
Etymon by Andrae Muys
Vowel Movement by David Wood

Related Open Source Projects


The Topaz Project has become closely aligned with Mulgara, with many contributors being members of both communities.

The Topaz is a system for storing and retrieving objects using an RDF store, taking advantage of several features unique to Mulgara. This is similar to ORM systems such as Hibernate, though it goes well beyond the relational model by taking advantage of the open nature of RDF. Topaz is the basis of the document publishing system Ambra, which is becoming the delivery platform for the Public Library of Science (PLoS) (see PLoS ONE for the first journal delivered on this system). PLoS funds Topaz, and many of the efforts in Mulgara.

Fedora Commons

Another system built on Mulgara is the Fedora Repository from Fedora Commons. Fedora Commons is also funded by PLoS, and is in the process of integrating with the Topaz system through the Akubra Project.







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